Solar Installers

The Solar Industry and has been booming for some time now. Many entrepreneur’s and business people have taken this brilliant opportunity for a fast effective income. But it will eventually end and the best thing you can do in the solar industry now, is capitalize!

Although there is a massive market for solar panels and products there is also a lot of competition. Alta Sierra Solar installers can easily get caught up with the success of their business and be happy with leaving it at that. But the question is, do you want to be happy with what you’re currently getting in, or do you want to completely maximize your marketing efforts or employ those of a professional to ensure that you are capitalizing on this now while you still can?

Many auburn solar installers out there are already turning to marketing companies for help, we have several campaigns currently running for solar clients throughout Australia and the industry really is becoming more and more competitive. You will begin to wonder why the sales are slowing and be looking for ways to increase this, and the companies already employing marketing services on top of their in house marketing will be one step ahead of your business if you’re not already doing the same.

With the previous government schemes such as installation our marketing company seen a massive influx in companies looking for help with their marketing due to the competition even some marketing companies could not keep up with meeting the number of leads or appointments required. This worked well for us as we had huge orders coming in for those looking to capitalize on the industry before it went cold. Unfortunately the federal government then pulled the plug on the industry without notice leaving many businesses stumped and unprepared for such a thing.

However moving forward and learning from this experience it is beyond me how many solar companies are still sitting back waiting for things to get tougher before employing the services of experts and although there are plenty out there who are enlisting our services are they really maximizing? The less number of leads or appointments you are ordering the less business you have coming in. And the more you are leaving out there for your competitors.

Solar companies make pretty good money doing what they do, how they aren’t investing more in their marketing strategies is beyond me. I can foresee a huge rush coming on this year, and it will only be then that some companies in the solar industry begin to realize exactly what they have been missing out on.

And it is then that they will begin to capitalize however they will be left to ponder… what if i did this 6months ago? How much more profits would we have made then?

The solar industry from what i have seen can be a bit of a vicious circle for some solar company owners. They hire sales guys but when they cant provide enough leads they loose them. To me i feel that finding an affordable and reliable lead option will ensure you have a strong sales team and productive sales staff. Its definitely better to order more than needed as they can always be followed up. A mixture of appointments and sales leads works perfect as the sales staff can fall back on the sales leads when appointments fall through, because we all know that there will always be appointments which fall over regardless of how highly qualified the appointment is, people do lie and life does happen.

Generally if you have sales staff working for you your goal should be to give them as much opportunity as possible. So if you’re giving them 5-8 appointments per day you should also give them 3-5 sales leads per day as well. This way there should be no excuse for not having a productive days work. As time goes on those sales leads will turn into appointments and will further the productivity of the sales person. Therefore allowing you to maximize the industry.

The most frustrating thing for a sales person is being stuck in a position of having X amount of chances to close, this is where the sales leads come in handy with boosting the motivation of the sales person. But they certainly need to be handled effectively as well. Companies who offer a replacement policy are also an excellent way to ensure you’re not wasting cash on leads or appointments which are not fully qualified.

There are also many other ways to maximize your marketing in this industry, already we have seen the success of many of our solar clients utilizing a combination of services including, telemarketing, online advertising and SEO, SMS marketing, email marketing and much more.

In 2012 you really need to give your all to marketing your poway solar installers as effectively as possible and the more that you procrastinate the more other solar companies will have the edge and you will simply be left behind. You also need to consider if you have a large commission only strategy for your solar appointments or leads are you simply setting the bar too high for when you need to employ the services of an expert? If it is an easy sell now what prices do you expect to pay when it gets tough out there? Now is the time to maximize, get on board with a local marketing company who have affordable prices now and they can also keep you up to date with the trends and most effective marketing techniques for your industry.

If you are looking for an experienced solar lead generation or appointment setting company then now is the perfect timing. Look at a company already conducting many solar campaigns at present and who also offer additional marketing services which allows you to create a marketing package to truly increase your sales and productivity now!

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